Sweet Serenity


There’s nothing quite like the first few minutes of silence when your baby falls asleep after a long hard day. The moment where you’re just about to tip-toe across the line that separates you from being asleep and awake.

As a working mom, I sometimes find that I lose my patience with my three month old. I work in a call center so as you can imagine, it’s not all glitter and unicorns. I work 11 hour shifts, with a 45 minute commute each way. Then, I come home, feed the baby, feed myself, get stuff done around the house, and finally settle into bed.

My daughter has slept through the night since she was born. She wakes once or twice to eat but since we co-sleep, I basically just roll on my side and let her nurse and we both go back to sleep. Recently, she decided that sleep was for amateurs. The first couple nights that her sleep pattern regressed, I lost my patience, I cried, I blamed my husband. I’m telling you guys, this mom thing is hard.

It was then I realized that I wasn’t being fair to her, myself, or my husband. Sure, I might be a little tired in the mornings, but she has a full belly, she’s growing perfectly, and she’s happy. There really is nothing more I could ask for.

I started this blog to journal what it is like for me to become a mother at age 20. I was married at age 18. Of course Princess was a planned baby, but you know, the more I hear that term, the more I laugh. Plans and babies just don’t go together! Anyway, I hope that this will give me new perspective, and I hope that I can share my experiences with people who might find them comforting, helpful, or useful.


7 thoughts on “Sweet Serenity

  1. Lindsey Morrison

    No sleep! It took Tyler a long time to start sleeping through the night.. even after we got all his tummy issues worked out he was still not a good sleeper.. He ate all the time and decided that he was already a big boy and sleep was not in his agenda.. lol.. there were plenty of fights between frank and myself and finally we decided to just embrace the sleepless nights! best move we ever made!!

  2. Joelle

    The first year of the first child is the hardest of course but my worst thing about the first year was having no idea what I was doing and living 700 miles away from any family and hubby was deployed. So I cried alot. I had no help no sleep and no sense of what I was doing!

  3. Mary

    With Nyissa, the first time she slept through the night, I panicked!! I woke and immediately thought, “O, no, why didn’t she wake up?!” Of course she was fine LOL. But even after that, I would constantly go check on her to make sure she was breathing. Isn’t that insane. And she is the 3rd, I could see a new mom doing that but she was #3. LOL

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