I’d Rather Be a Mom Than…


Anything. The answer is anything. Today, specifically, I’d also rather be a mom than a player for the Denver Broncos. Being a mom is literally the most amazing thing. I find that it’s hard to be much else when I’m a mom though. I’ve lost focus on so many things because my main focus is Audrey. This is NOT a bad thing, in my eyes, anyway. It’s just a fact.

I mean, look at this face…


Some might say that women can do it all. That we don’t lose focus, and babies don’t change our priorities. Maybe for some women, that’s the case. Hell, maybe it’s the case for all women but me. But I won’t lie and say that I can make it an entire day at work without wishing I was at home playing with my baby and being a mom instead.

Being a mom is hard, and I can only imagine being a stay-at-home mom has its cons too. Lack of adult interaction, monotonous routines, etc.

But seriously, look at this face!


That being said, Princess just turned 4 months old and I’m still over the moon. I always thought that I would get “burnt out” so to speak, and turn into one of those tired, used up, exhausted moms who just wanted more time away from their kid. But I’ve turned into anything but. This isn’t to say I’m “better” than anyone, and not every mom who wants time away from their kid is bad. Trust me, being a mom is hard. I’m certainly not on a high horse. I just have an extremely difficult time being a working mom. I think it would be much easier for me to be a work-from-home mom, or have my own business, something where I could control my hours a little easier.

I normally don’t just give you a whole ramble about my life and my feelings, but sometimes it needs to be said. Sometimes you need to talk about your feelings. And let’s be honest, are you even watching the Super Bowl? Because I’m pretty much over it.



So, I’m curious. Am I part of the majority?


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